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Marketing Services -

Marketing Services For Entertainment Industry Vendors

Do You Need More Production Clients?

Effective and Affordable Business Development Packages

Our marketing packages are primarily designed for those with a product or service they are marketing to the production community.  Our packages are affordable solutions for your on-going marketing strategy.  We reach out daily to thousands of production decision makers.

Let us work in the background, introducing you and your company to new production decision makers. See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab for more information about our services.

Some of you have requested more affordable options to get your information out to those that may not know about you. 
The following are the current marketing packages available.

  • "Add Your Ad" $100/per month
About This Service: We'll add information about the product or service you offer to our weekly email campaigns - emailed to thousands of production decision makers each week.
Pricing: $300/ for 3 months of service

  • "Get Social" $150/per month (includes your Ad in our weekly producer newsletter)
About This Service: Let us post content and links about your service on social media sites where producers and decision makers hang out. We work with you to create the content and posts. We can also create scheduled posts on YOUR social media accounts. (Let us schedule a month's worth of posts on YOUR facebook or twitter accounts - you won't even need to press a button!). This service includes 20 posts per month AND your information included in our weekly email campaigns.
Pricing: $450 for 3 months of service

  • Phone Marketing - We Do The Calling: $500/per month
About This Service: Hate cold calling? We get it! It can be a bit daunting and exhausting. Let our phone marketers make the calls for you. We will call the production company and key personnel you determine as your target market, we make the calls and provide you with the contact information of those that have requested additional information about your service.
Pricing: $500/per month. Month to month (no long term commitment)
Based on 5 hours of phone calling per week. We provide the lists or will call on the lists you provide.

Super Size This Package: Want us to make even MORE calls for you? Let us become your more affordable sales staff. 
10 hours per week = $900/per month (month to month - no long term commitment)
20 hours per week = $1400/per month (month to month - no long term commitment)
40 hours per week = $2,400/per month (month to month - no long term commitment)
*We provide the calling lists or will call on lists you provide.

  • "Mixed Bag Package (Our Most Popular Package) $750/per month
About This Service:  Our mixed bag package is popular but space is limited - only 1 business (exclusive) per category for this service. This service includes phone marketing, inclusion in our weekly producer newsletter (including feature articles and preferred link placement), weekly social media posts and other marketing services as available such as fax blast campaigns, industry podcasts, and inclusion in our "Hollywood BzS Bite" webisode series.
Pricing: $750/per month.  Month to month (no long term commitment)

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*Other Things We Do For Clients
Need help posting content on YOUR facebook page or other social media outlets?  
We can help with that!

Have your OWN LIST of contacts you'd like us to call on your behalf? 
Bring 'em on!

Other tasks you don't have time for?
Let us know...we'll work it out.

Affordable Video Services
Fully edited videos as low as $100

Sue Berry
Executive Producer

About Sue Berry

As an Executive Producer and Business Development Executive, Sue Berry founded Shocast Entertainment with the focus of providing quality product coupled with impeccable customer service.  In doing so, her team has received several stamps of recognition within the industry as a multiple award winning company.

Sue Berry has an equal background in both production and business development and considers the ability to do both her "dream job".

Production: Her team has produced and supervised hundreds of hours of television, commercial and corporate video projects - overseeing all aspects of the production process from pre-to-post production.  Sue currently holds the position of Director of Development and Production for a nonprofit organization that produces Public Service Announcements.  She has garnered industry awards for outstanding commercial, film and video production including two Telly Awards, Videographer Awards, Aurora Awards and Vision Awards.  Sue has a strong business development background and has created, managed and/or sold three entertainment based companies – one currently works with artists and celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Ozzy Osborne, Heidi Klum, Tom Cruise, Dr. Dre and countless others.  Sue has worked with every major and cable network including Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, MTV, Discovery and others.  She has worked on projects with major brands such as Cover Girl, HP, Google, McDonald’s, Canon, AT&T, Toyota, and American Airlines and takes pride in providing unparalleled customer service for her clients.

Business Development: Sue and her team provides BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT services, primarily for vendors who have a product or service that is marketed to the entertainment community.  We market these companies by utilizing a proprietary contact list of production kahunas and decision makers. Marketing services include phone marketing, email and fax campaigns, press releases, social media posts and other related services.  

                                                                                            About Jack Tillotson


Jack heads up sales and client services for Shocast Entertainment, making sure our customers are happy with their experience with our team. He is instrumental in our customer service efforts and in creating and maintaining systems to keep our production and marketing departments efficient. He wears a lot of hats around here, including staff still photographer, and makes us happy when he brings his dogs to the office.