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Web Video Production FAQ's - Production FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About 
BzS - The Business Spotlight Webisode Series

Q) I Booked My Webisode Shoot.  What Happens Next?
A) You will receive a confirmation email and an invoice for payment.  We accept check, cash or credit card through our secured PayPal system.  You do not need to be a PayPal subscriber to pay with any major credit card.  Please let us know if you would like the credit card option and we will send you an invoice directly from PayPal to make it easier for you to pay.  You will also be asked to sign a waiver, giving our team permission to videotape you and share your webisode on websites and social media outlets.

Q) Then What?
A) You will receive a call from our production team to discuss what you would like to get across in your 3-5 minute video.  Think about what your clients often ask about your product or service.  What sets you apart from your competition?  What are the main items you want potential clients to know about?

Here is a sample of questions that our host might ask you:
What makes you the Star of your own business?
What sets you apart from the competition?
What are the key points/questions you want addressed in this interview?
Any success stories to share?
Funny tidbits that happened on the job?
What are your hobbies?
What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Q) Where Do I Go?
A) Videotaping is at our studio located in Valencia, Ca.  You will receive an email confirmation with directions and parking instructions in a separate email. 

Q) How Long Will It Take?
A) You will be assigned a "Call Time" - the time you should arrive for your taping.  You will visit our makeup area and will have a brief interaction with the Director and/or our Host.  Then on to the set for your videotaping.  Please allow 1-2 hours for set taping and 1-2 hours for your Location Crew  taping (at your location).

Q) What is your Phone Marketing service?
A) Our Phone Marketing service is one of our most popular services.  We will make calls to the selected lists of producers and decision makers on your behalf, introducing your service and your specials to hundreds of potential clients that did not know of you before.  It's related to old school cold calling - but much more fun and effective!

Q) What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For My Interview?
A) We want you to be relaxed and articulate during your interview.  Our experienced team has performed hundreds of these interviews and will work with you to bring out the best of your personality and business highlights. We are all on the same team with the same mission - to make you look knowledgeable, credible and of course, fabulous!

PASSION! – No one knows your company better than YOU!  Show passion for what you do!  Stories are always more interesting than numbers or stats.  Use simple language rather than professional jargon.
Our Host, Bella Shaw will offer her consultation services including:  Camera Presence (speaking with clarity and passion), Aesthetics (clothing, make-up and hair tips), “Working The Voice” (speaking with clarity and passion), Speaking in Soundbites (staying on message), and Relaxation Techniques.

Q) What Should I Wear?
A)  You will be part of our ongoing Business Profile Webisode Series.  This series utilizes a sophisticated yet comfortable 'set' (something like an Oprah set) where you and our host will sit and discuss you and your business.  Since the general 'feel' of this webisode series is that of an invitation as an expert appearing on our show, it is recommended you dress in business attire for our studio taping.  It is also recommended that you bring an alternate outfit with you.
We may suggest you dress in your specific business attire (smock, scrubs, uniform, etc.) when we visit you in your office, warehouse, manufacturing facility, or professional office on our Location shooting day.  Please see On Camera Tips below.

On Camera Tips:
We will have a make-up professional to assist with make-up as needed for high definition videotaping.  Women should come already in make up they feel comfortable in and we will augment as necessary.  Your hair should be styled as you would normally wear it. 

White shirts reflect light - subtle colors like light blue work well.  Pure white and pure black clothing make skin tones appear harsh.

Bright reds and oranges can 'bleed" or smear on screen.
Choose clothing that looks "business professional" and is comfortable when sitting.  Cameras are sometimes placed at low levels so slacks and knee length skirts are recommended.

Refrain from wearing distracting accessories such as bows, ruffles, and shiny or reflective jewelry.  Remove pens and eyeglasses from pockets.  These items will make noise as you move with a microphone.  Dangling earrings can distract viewers.

Avoid small, high contrast patterns or lines (ie: herringbone) as well as bold checks or plaids. 
Don’t forget to turn off your cellphone!
Q) What Happens After My Videotaping?
A) Our Production Staff will schedule a Location Videographer  to visit your facility and shoot extra video (B-Roll or cut-away footage) to help visually tell the story you shared with the viewing audience in your videotaping.  The footage gathered will be at the advice of the director but might include you at your desk, in a law library, with a patient or client, your warehouse, your product, your staff, your factory, etc.  Location shoots are typically ONE location only, unless otherwise indicated.  Location shoots for b-roll DO NOT INCLUDE sophisticated lighting and sound so testimonials and on-camera spokespersons should arrange to be videotaped at our studio where lighting and sound is more controlled.  A MakeUp Artist  is not provided for Location shooting.  You must have authorization to videotape in your own space.  Some exterior and interior locations are public places (parks, schools, etc.) and may require additional permits and production insurance.
Q) When Can I See My Video?
A) Once we have B-Roll from our Location Videographer, our post production team will begin to assemble and edit your video.  Please allow 4 weeks for completion.  We will then place your video on our website, Youtube Channel and other social media sites for maximum exposure for your business.  In addition, you will retain the rights to your video and may use it on your own website, facebook, Youtube and other social media outlets.
Q) What if I have other questions?
A) Call Us  (310) 913-5690 or visit the BzS website for more information and current pricing list: